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Shadowing Skin Salvation.

From solo-injector marketing strategies to advanced injection techniques, shadow the Skin Salvation team and learn to grow your practice with Jamie Bohannon.

Who is this for?

Shadowing days are made for nurse injectors who have had more than a year’s worth of experience injecting & are looking to:

Learn the use of advanced injection techniques.

Demystify the world of marketing by learning directly from another medical provider

Start an LLC & begin to grow their business on their own

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, learn from a fellow nurse injector and own a thriving injector practice, these days of shadowing are for you!

Essentially, these days of observation are designed specifically for experienced injectors seeking both aesthetic improvement and business expansion.

Meet your Trainer

Jamie Bohannon

Trainer | Coach | Mentor

Hi, my name is Jamie Bohannon, NP-C!

I’m a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner & Expert Injector based out of Scottsdale, AZ with over 15 years of medical experience, 8 in medical aesthetics.

I specialize in full facial balance & skin health so I can help my patients look and feel their absolute best — at any age.

“Confidence is beautiful” is the guiding philosophy behind how I deliver the best results for ALL my people and it’s what lies at the heart of my practice, Skin Salvation.

Throughout these past 5 years, I’ve managed to build an aesthetic practice with integrity & honesty that I am proud of. I’ve continuously updated my skills as an injector through continuing education & ongoing medical training. In parallel, I’ve had to learn the business side of owning a small business; from marketing my practice to protecting my name & creating an LLC.

Now I’m offering other injectors the chance to learn from my experience.

Topics Covered



Advanced injection techniques for tox & filler (tox, filler)

Product selection between all lines of filler and 3 toxs

How to deal with complication management

Product reconstitution rate

Off-label uses

Practice Management


Basics of getting started on your own (Getting an LLC)

World of Marketing: WTF is the difference between branding, SEO, website manager, social media manager, and copywriting; what you need to know & where to start.

Brand loyalty & loyalty programs

Product recommendations



Ready to

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We’re offering half & full days of shadowing upon request. Topics can be tailored to your specific needs. Simply fill out the form below and let’s discuss.

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